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What Happens During Holistic Detox?

When someone abruptly stops using drugs and alcohol, withdrawal symptoms can be the body’s nasty response to losing the one thing that it feels is needed to maintain normal function. The detox process can take a toll on the body. During holistic detox, the person, as a whole, is treated for detox symptoms. The mind, body, and spiritual aspects of the detox process are addressed, and the individual is able to heal in a more beneficial way from the throws of active addiction.

What is Holistic Detox?

Holistic detox is a different approach to the detoxification process. During holistic detox, the goal is to address the physical symptoms of withdrawal while simultaneously addressing any underlying factors of addiction caused by emotional or spiritual problems within the person struggling. 

More than just traditional therapy is included in holistic detox. There are additional implementations such as meditation, yoga, nutritional planning, and acupuncture or massage therapy that can benefit an individual trying to stop using drugs and alcohol because they can alleviate some of the stresses addicts and alcoholics endure, and increase the chances of successful recovery after detox.

What to Expect During Holistic Detox

During holistic detox, any physical symptoms of withdrawal can be addressed with medications and the person can be monitored by healthcare professionals trained to help in potentially harmful medical situations that can arise. While addressing physical symptoms can be crucial to recovery success, holistic detox also implements other therapies that can help to heal the mind and spirit. During active addiction, the mind and spirit undergo a lot of trauma. Healing these portions can be just as vital as physically addressing the withdrawal symptoms.

Activities such as yoga and meditation can help to decrease anxiety within the individual undergoing drug and alcohol detox. Anxiety is a leading factor to relapse, and once the addict learns healthy ways of coping with the feelings of anxiousness, they have a greater chance of successfully remaining clean and sober. Exercise can also be effective in overcoming withdrawal symptoms during holistic detox. Acupuncture and massage therapies can help to alleviate the physical muscle cramps and spasms that occur when a person undergoes detox from substance abuse. 

Overall, holistic detox can address the person as a whole, and not just the physical portion of withdrawal. Addiction affects the person as a whole, and they should be healed as a whole. Therefore, holistic detox is a good option for those struggling with addiction.

Benefits of Holistic Detox

There are many benefits of this form of drug and alcohol detox, but one of the most beneficial is the ability to detox from substances without using other medications. Using addictive medications to help a person to end an addiction to another substance can sometimes leave someone with a whole different monster needing to be addressed prior to the end of the detox process. For example, when someone is detoxing from alcohol, drugs like Ativan can actually be counteractive. Ativan is a benzodiazepine, and this class of drugs can be addictive.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of holistic detox include the fact that it uses non-invasive and non-addictive treatment practices. Containing minimal side effects, it can also improve physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Improving the health of all parts of the person is probably the most beneficial thing about this approach. Once the individual can address these feelings without drugs and alcohol, they can address these circumstances in a positive way.

When it comes down to it, holistic detox is a greater way of addressing all parts of an addiction. Also, it can help teach healthy coping mechanisms. It can provide healthy coping mechanisms, and healthy hobbies for people who struggle with addiction to turn to. A holistic approach to detox can show that drugs and alcohol are not the answer. It can also show that there is help for addiction.

Finding Help for Addiction in Nashville, TN

Addiction treatment has many different forms. Holistic detox is just one form, however it can be one of the more beneficial forms. Success after detox is possible, and addressing all parts, mind, body, and spirit, can help to create a positive outcome. Here at Brentwood Springs, we strive to address all parts of the person under our care. Our team of professionals can help guide you through the beginning parts of your journey. Contact us today, and start the next chapter of your story.

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