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If you are ready to put drug and alcohol addiction in your past and begin detox, we can help you achieve your dream. We guide you through the entire admissions process with the goal of making you comfortable and prepared to complete your treatment with us and move on to any necessary aftercare. Fill out the insurance verification form below or contact Brentwood Springs Detox at (615) 560 7545 today and let us help coordinate the admissions process so you can begin your new sober life here in Nashville, TN.

    Services and Amenities We Offer

    We are proud to fill a host of needs our residents require, including round-the-clock staff and more. Our state-of-the-art facility offers the following services and amenities:

    • Admissions Available 24/7
    • Nursing Staff On-Site Available 24/7
    • Live-In Techs Available 24/7
    • Male and Female Patients Welcome
    • Licensed Facility
    • Medical Director on Staff (MD)
    • LBGTQ Friendly
    • Drug Testing
    • Blood Lab testing available
    • EKG testing available

    The Admissions Process at Brentwood Springs Detox

    Deciding to enter a drug or alcohol detox constitutes a brave decision and is to be applauded. The individual who needs help may feel overwhelmed by the process of getting help and may wonder what it will entail. The idea of getting admitted to treatment may seem daunting, but it is made easier when the program’s personnel understand how to put you at ease. Brentwood Springs Detox makes the admissions process as easy as possible so you can focus on getting better.

    The First Step

    Brentwood Springs Detox ensures that the first step to being admitted goes smoothly. We know how difficult it is for those struggling with substance use disorders to admit their powerlessness over their addiction. When you decide to take that first step and reach out to us for drug and alcohol addiction detox, we will make it as easy as possible. One of our experienced and compassionate admissions specialists will help you get moving in the right direction.

    When you contact our Nashville drug & alcohol detox location, your admissions coordinator will follow a series of steps to get your admission started. These steps may include verifying your insurance, collecting any out-of-pocket costs (if applicable), and coordinating travel to our facility. The admissions coordinator will advise you of everything you should bring and what you can expect during your stay at Brentwood Springs Detox. If you are coming to us via an external referral, the admissions coordinator will work with them to ensure continuity of care. We place great importance on communicating effectively and openly with you and anyone assisting you in transitioning into our recovery program.

    What to Expect During Your Admission

    Once you enter Brentwood Springs Drug and Alcohol Detox Center, you will meet our staff of expert, medically trained professionals and detox specialists. They are onsite and available to assist you with getting settled in and can answer any questions you have. Our professional admissions team will help you get checked into our facility as comfortably and quickly as possible. 

    A review of any medications you currently take or may need as part of your treatment plan will take place. We can provide medications that will help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and make your detox process easier to endure. The specific detox treatment used will depend upon the type of substance to which you are addicted, the length and severity of your addiction, and your general health and well-being.

    You will be given a tour of the facility so you can familiarize yourself with your new residence. This will include your room, the common areas, and areas where treatment takes place.


    Evaluation and Testing

    Starting our Nashville detox program will include being tested for various things. These tests will verify the types and quantity of drugs or alcohol that are present in your bloodstream. Our staff will also evaluate you to identify underlying psycho-social issues. These include co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other conditions. If you are coming via an external referral, we can coordinate with them as well in order to have a full picture of your individual status and treatment needs.

    Stabilization Through Detox

    Detox is the first step in beginning treatment for substance use disorders. Stabilization refers to the process of physically detoxifying the body from all abused substances. Brentwood Springs Nashville Detox Center will provide information and answer any questions you have so that you begin the detox process fully informed about what to expect. We will determine if you may benefit from any medication to ease withdrawal symptoms.

    Residential Rehab Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    The detoxification process handles the physical withdrawal of addiction. When detox is completed, the recovery process can begin. This part of treatment provides you with the ability to adapt to a life without using alcohol or drugs. Clients are strongly encouraged to continue treatment at a rehabilitation facility after they finish detox. 

    Statistics show that individuals have a much higher chance of remaining sober if they have a plan for continuing care after detoxing. We can help provide you with the residential rehab that fits your needs. If you are already in the process of planning for residential rehab via an external referral, we will coordinate with them.

    Begin Drug and Alcohol Detox in Nashville

    Deciding to admit yourself to a drug and alcohol detox program isn’t always easy, but if drugs and alcohol have been negatively affecting your life, beginning treatment may be your best option. Our team of drug and alcohol treatment professionals are ready to help you or your loved one begin a life of recovery. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.

    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.