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Brentwood Springs Detox is a leading drug and alcohol detox center in Nashville, TN. Staffed by expert clinicians and addiction specialists, we offer compassionate evidence-based care in a comfortable and safe environment to help people break free from the chains of addiction and get on the road to recovery. 

Medically Supervised Detox

Brentwood Springs Nashville Detox Center offers comprehensive, medically supervised detox programs designed to address drug and alcohol dependence effectively. Our detox program incorporates evidence-based treatments alongside proven therapies, ensuring a personalized approach for each individual. 

Detox, a critical first step in addiction recovery, involves safely managing withdrawal symptoms while paving the way for long-term sobriety. Brentwood Springs offers holistic therapy, wound care, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare services, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive detox experience. Opting for detox at Brentwood Springs Detox Center means choosing a path toward recovery with professional, compassionate care at its core.

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Our team of experts at Brentwood Springs Detox are committed to helping our patients in Nashville, TN complete their drug and alcohol detox and rehab program safely and comfortably.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Starting the journey of addiction recovery begins with a critical and foundational step: drug detox. At Brentwood Springs Detox, the detox process is designed to safely and effectively manage the physical aspects of withdrawal from drugs. Thereby, providing a solid base for the comprehensive healing process. Under the careful guidance of experienced medical professionals, each client receives personalized care tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a supportive and medically sound start to recovery.

This initial phase is not just about cleansing the body from substances, but also about preparing individuals for the next stages of their treatment, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to overcoming addiction. With a focus on compassion, expertise, and a deep understanding of the challenges of detoxification, Brentwood Springs Detox offers a nurturing environment for beginning the transformative journey toward lasting recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol detox is an essential first step in the journey toward recovery and lasting sobriety. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by alcohol withdrawal, Brentwood Springs provides a specialized alcohol detox program that prioritizes safety, comfort, and effectiveness. This crucial phase helps individuals safely navigate the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal under the supervision of skilled medical professionals.

The detox process not only addresses the immediate physical dependencies but also lays a crucial foundation for the subsequent stages of rehabilitation. By offering a structured and supportive environment, Brentwood Springs Detox ensures that clients begin their recovery on solid ground. Therefore, prepared for the challenges ahead and supported by a team dedicated to their long-term health and well-being.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

At Brentwood Springs Detox, the Prescription Drug Detox program plays a pivotal role in the recovery process for those struggling with prescription medication dependence. Understanding the complexities of prescription drug addiction, Brentwood Springs offers a detox program that is meticulously tailored to address the unique withdrawal symptoms and challenges associated with these substances.

Under the guidance of experienced medical professionals at Brentwood detox center, clients are provided with a safe, controlled environment where they can detoxify their bodies from the drugs in a manner that minimizes discomfort and maximizes safety. This initial detoxification step is crucial. It not only helps in managing the physical aspects of dependence but also sets the stage for the comprehensive rehabilitation process that follows. At Brentwood springs detox, we ensure that each client begins their journey to recovery with the best possible foundation by focusing on individualized care and support.

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Our Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Including FDA-approved prescription medications into your recovery can help minimize withdrawal symptoms and continued cravings, as well as help you lay a solid foundation to build your recovery on.

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Residential Rehab

We are pleased to provide residential treatment for our clients who require more involved, structured care post-detox.

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Holistic Therapy

Addiction impacts the mind, body, and soul all at the same time. It is our goal to provide holistic services that can help address concerns in each of these areas so that our clients can remain sober for a lifetime.

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Even though your program may be ending, your life of recovery is just beginning. At Nashville Detox, we make sure you are equipped with a well-planned-out aftercare plan so that you can continue to build on the success you have already achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brentwood Springs Detox FAQ’s

  • How Long Does Detox In Nashville Take?

    The duration of detox varies depending on factors such as the substance of abuse, the severity of addiction, and individual health. At Brentwood Springs Detox, our expert team will assess your needs and provide a personalized detox plan to ensure your safety and comfort.

  • Does Insurance Cover Detox?

    Yes, insurance often covers alcohol and drug detox in Nashville services, but it depends on your specific insurance plan. At Brentwood springs detox, our admissions team will assist you in verifying your insurance coverage and collecting any necessary out-of-pocket costs.

  • What Happens After Detox?

    After completing Brentwood Springs Detox, the next step is to transition to a residential rehab program. Continuing care is crucial for long-term sobriety. Brentwood Springs Detox can help you find the suitable residential rehab facility that suits your needs. Our team will coordinate with external referrals if you are already in the planning process.

  • What Is The Brentwood Springs Admissions Process?

    Our admissions process is simple. We guide you through the entire admissions process to make you comfortable and prepared to complete your treatment with us and move on to any necessary aftercare. The admissions coordinator will guide you through this process, ensuring effective communication and open dialogue.


What Our Clients Say

  • This place is great!!!!!! I really appreciate how the staff took care of me and actually came from a place of empathy and understanding. I really enjoyed the fact that I could play music and watch tv in a very comfortable environment. The other patients were very nice to me as well. I give this place 10 stars. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family if they need help.

  • It was the best experience for detox and the staff was amazing.

  • These are some of the finest, most helpful folks I ever met — the personal satisfaction received here is unparalleled.

  • Very professional staff?Under terrible circumstances I felt safe and comfortable. Very grateful for the care here.

  • i had a great experience, staff was great and i felt comfortable the whole time.

    Connor B.
  • Best place ever. The staff was great. They take really good care of you and it’s laid back.

    Cliff S.
  • This facility provided excellent care and helped out a loved one in a tough time of need. The staff was incredibly helpful and deeply caring. Highly recommend this facility to anyone who is struggling or has a loved one who is struggling.

    Jacob C.
  • The most caring staff! They go out of their way to help you and keep you comfortable. It’s the best detox experience I’ve ever had! Major love to everyone there during my stay.

    Whitney P.
  • Been to several facilities throughout my battle with addiction. Brentwood Springs has been one of the very best experiences I’ve had. Staff is amazing and very understanding and educated and experienced in the areas of addiction most important to helping people. Highly recommended.

    Rusty C.
  • great staff great atmosphere highly recommed over other detox locations in TN

    Alejandro C.
  • I was very happy with my week stay at Brentwood Detox. The entire staff was great, happy, positive and encouraging! It definitely exceeded My expectations in every way, even the client’s were great. A special call out to Cameron, Roxanne and Amanda. They definitely went above and beyond. Thanks for everything, I feel more than ready for my next step!

    Lindsay J.
July 22 2024
June 27 2024
June 14 2024
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