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Medication-Assisted Treatment In Nashville, TN

Brentwood Springs Detox is at the forefront of combating drug and alcohol addiction in Tennessee. In a state significantly impacted by substance abuse, our medication-assisted treatment in Nashville, Tennessee, is a vital component in the battle against addiction. 

Brentwood Springs Detox is making a difference in the lives of those seeking recovery. Whether you are personally battling addiction or know someone who is, understanding the role of medication in addiction recovery and medication-assisted detox serves as a beacon of hope in the journey to sobriety. We look forward to speaking with you soon and answering any additional questions you may have.

A man seeks medication-assisted treatment in Nashville TN.

About Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment, commonly known as MAT, is using certain medications to help alleviate the more severe symptoms of withdrawal while reducing drug cravings. In some cases, MAT prevents a continuation of substance use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines MAT as “the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, which is effective in treating opioid use disorders (OUD) and can help some people to sustain recovery.” 

At Brentwood Springs Detox, we utilize MAT as part of a more comprehensive approach to addiction recovery. Our program combines evidence-based medications with counseling and therapy. We address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Our medication-assisted treatment in Nashville, Tennessee, is a lifeline for those struggling with substance abuse, offering a more holistic and practical path to recovery.

Medication-Assisted Detox in Nashville 

Brentwood Springs Detox provides quality medication-assisted detox for alcohol and drug addiction in Nashville. We offer a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders of all types and severities. Our MAT detox program combines medications like buprenorphine and methadone with counseling and therapy. This ensures that each client receives personalized care.

MAT for Opioid Dependence 

Tennessee, like many states, struggles with the nationwide opioid crisis. The devastating impact of opioids on communities and families has spurred a heightened focus on MAT programs. Nashville, being the epicenter of the crisis in the state, has seen the rapid expansion of MAT services, and Brentwood Springs Detox is at the forefront. 

The FDA currently approves three drugs for treating opioid dependence. These drugs are buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone. The FDA states, “All three of these treatments have been proven safe and effective in combination with counseling and psychosocial support.

Everyone who seeks treatment for an OUD should be offered access to all three options, as this allows providers to work with patients to select the treatment best suited to an individual’s needs. Due to the chronic nature of OUD, the need for continuing MAT should be re‐evaluated periodically.”

MAT for Alcohol 

Medication-assisted treatment for alcohol integrates the use of FDA-approved medications with counseling and behavioral therapies to treat individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD). This method helps to alleviate the discomfort and potentially life-threatening complications of alcohol withdrawal, facilitating safer detoxification. 

Some common medications used during our medication-assisted treatment in Nashville, Tennessee, for alcohol withdrawal, include benzodiazepines, which help to reduce withdrawal symptoms and prevent seizures, and medications like disulfiram, naltrexone, and acamprosate, which assist in maintaining sobriety post-detoxification. MAT not only supports the initial detox process but also aids in the long-term recovery journey by reducing cravings and preventing relapse. 

Our MAT Programs in Tennessee 

MAT programs and medication-assisted detox have several advantages, including reducing withdrawal symptoms and decreasing the drug cravings that often lead to relapse. Brentwood Springs Detox understands that addiction is a complex disease, and MAT addresses both the physical and psychological aspects, providing a more holistic approach to recovery.

A man seeks medication-assisted treatment in Nashville TN during a group treatment session.

At Brentwood Springs Detox, we recognize the importance of accessibility. We strive to make MAT programs available to as many Tennessee locals as possible. Our commitment to serving the Nashville community is evident through our tailored MAT services.

In the battle against drug and alcohol addiction, medication-assisted treatment is a powerful ally. Brentwood Springs Detox stands as a beacon of hope in Nashville. We offer effective MAT programs that have the potential to transform lives. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in Tennessee, Brentwood Springs Detox is here to help. We could be the path to recovery you’ve been searching for.

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    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.