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Medical Detox in Nashville, TN

Addiction is a chronic disease that almost 20 million Americans and their families struggle with every day. The effects of drugs and alcohol on brain function, physical and mental health can take a heavy toll, and can make it overwhelming to try deal with on your own. This is why it is imperative to seek help from medical detox centers such as Brentwood Springs Detox in Nashville, TN. Addiction treatment professionals understand how serious addiction is. Their goal is to provide the tools and resources to get you on the road to recovery, and help cover costs by accepting UHC and Aetna insurance.

What is Medical Detox?

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their mind and body becomes dependent on the substance in order to function. Over time, this dependence turns to addiction. When the individual stops using drugs or drinking alcohol, very often withdrawal will occur. Because withdrawal can be painful and debilitating, many addicts will relapse in order to avoid the symptoms.

In order to avoid many of the painful effects of withdrawal, it is generally recommended that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol seek treatment from medical detox centers. At these specialized facilities, specialists help people safely ween from addictive substances through the detox process in order to return the body to a neutral drug-free state. Once the body is rid of all the drugs and alcohol, recovery treatment can begin.

What Are Medical Detox Centers?

Medical detox centers are addiction treatment facilities that provide medication-assisted treatment also known as MAT. MAT helps ease the symptoms of withdrawal as people detox from drugs and alcohol. Because withdrawal symptoms are the biggest obstacle to recovery, medical detox centers provide the type of treatment that is often necessary.

Medications Used During Medical Detox

There are several different medications that are used in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Depending on a number of factors including what a person is addicted to, how long they were addicted, and underlying mental and physical health conditions the addiction treatment team will develop a protocol that best suits a person’s individual needs.

Medication for Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

  • Disulfiram: This medication is often used once a person has detoxed and there is no longer any alcohol in their system. It acts as a deterrent by making a person feel ill if they consume alcohol.
  • Naltrexone: This drug is used in both opioid and alcohol addiction treatment. It blocks the euphoric effects of addictive substances in order to help people disassociate drugs and alcohol from reward.
  • Acamprosate: Once a person has been detoxed from alcohol for several days, this medication can be used to help reduce cravings.

Medications for Drug Addiction Treatment

  • Methadone: This medication is used to help individuals who use opioids to reduce or stop their use. Methadone reduces withdrawal symptoms and blocks the euphoric effects of opioid drugs.
  • Buprenorphine: This is a partial opioid antagonist that works by blocking opioid drugs from binding with opioid receptors in the brain. Over time, cravings for opioids are reduced significantly or eliminated, helping people focus on staying clean and sober.

How to Tell if You Have an Addiction

The line between recreational drinking or drug use and addiction is a very thin one. While people never intend to become addicts, it can happen to anyone at any time. Because addiction is an all-consuming disease, it can be difficult to realize when you have a problem — or to recognize addiction in a loved one. If you exhibit two or more of these signs, it may be time to get help for your addiction.

  • You use drugs or consume alcohol daily, or even multiple times a day
  • You think about substances when you aren’t using
  • You’ve had to use more drugs or alcohol in order to get the same effect
  • You constantly worry about when you are going to use next
  • You’ve had to resort to lying or stealing to get money for substances
  • You’re having issues at work, school, or in your personal life due to substance abuse
  • You’ve stopped doing other things you enjoy so that you can use instead
  • You’ve tried to use less or stop entirely, but found that you couldn’t
  • You have negative side effects if you go too long without substances
  • You continue to abuse substances even though you realize it is having a negative impact on your health, mental state, or overall well-being

Why You Need Addiction Treatment at Medical Detox Centers in Nashville, TN

When someone is addicted to drugs, especially for long periods of time, it can take a heavy toll. Important functions that the brain performs, such as the release of dopamine and other “feel good” chemicals are inhibited by the use of drugs like heroin or fentanyl. Alcohol can heavily impact the central nervous system. Detoxing from alcohol on your own can lead to serious health consequences including seizures or death.

Medical detox centers understand the impact that drugs and alcohol have on the body. In addition, they know how to treat the effects of withdrawal. By using a combination of medication and evidence-based addiction treatment modalities, the specialists at medical detox centers are able to get you on the road to recovery. These centers are also primed to be able to respond quickly in the event of a crisis. This ensures that you will be able to move through detox as safely as possible.

What to Expect from Medical Detox Centers

When you enter into treatment at medical detox centers, there are several things that you can expect. First, a thorough intake assessment will be conducted. This assessment lets the treatment professionals know what drugs you’re taking, how long you have been taking them, and if there are any underlying mental illness or physical concerns to be on the lookout for. Once the assessment has been completed a treatment plan is developed. A treatment plan will take into account your individual circumstances, so you can receive the care that you need.

Once you begin detox, a team of trained medical and addiction specialists will monitor you as your body begins to learn how to function without drugs or alcohol. During this time, your vital signs will be checked regularly, and medications will be administered in order to ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible during treatment.

Generally speaking, most people can complete detox in five to seven days. However, some may require additional time in order to guarantee that they are stable enough to move on to the next phase of treatment. It’s important to note detox is only the first phase of the recovery journey. Additional treatment will be required in order to maintain sobriety for the long term. During your time in detox, you will work with your care team to develop a treatment and aftercare plan.

Begin Medical Detox in Nashville, TN

Making the decision to get clean and sober is a brave one. No matter what drug you are addicted to or how long you have been abusing it, effective treatment options are available to get you on the road to recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and medical detox center in Nashville, TN. Our team is ready and waiting to help you. Let us help you to detox safely and learn how to live a positive, addiction-free life.

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    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.