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  • I have been in law enforcement going on 19 years, and over the past several years my drinking has became uncontrollably. I have a great wife and kids that I love to death but it felt that I love drinking more. Brentwood Springs was the best decision I made in my life! They listen, don’t judge, and I personally believe they truly care. I’m looking forward to living a better life and being the best husband and father that I can be!

    Benji B.
  • Brentwood Springs literally saved my life would I couldn’t save myself. Everyone at Brentwood Springs loved me even when I didn’t know how to even love me. They have top notch staff. Nursing staff took extremely good care of me. Honestly, one of the best detox I have ever been through and trust me when I say I have been thru many. When I walked through the front door the first thing I seen was a doggie and being a dog groomer I knew my heart was in the right place!! The Head Tech Cameron, a tech Jake and Sue were absolutely amazing too!!!! Cameron was the absolute best!!! The nursing staff Jessie, Roxanne, Amanda were the absolute best!!! Can’t forget about Scotina either she was great too. Jessie the head nurse, her dog Pugsley was my buddy!!!! He was the best.

  • I was very happy with my week stay at Brentwood Detox. The entire staff was great, happy, positive and encouraging! It definitely exceeded My expectations in every way, even the client’s were great. A special call out to Cameron, Roxanne and Amanda. They definitely went above and beyond. Thanks for everything, I feel more than ready for my next step!

    Lindsay J.
  • The best staff, caring about my comfort. It has a homely atmosphere and I felt no detox withdrawal with there system it was great and I was coming off of strong stuff. I would recommend to anyone.

    Ray M.
  • Great facility, the staff is always there to help if something’s wrong. This place saved my life and they helped put me on a path to succeed in life, be happy and stay sober.

    Jake M.

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