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  • Brentwood Springs gave us hope when we had given up. Giving up sounds like a horrible thing for parents to do but that was the reality of our situation. After several years of trying various treatment centers in all kinds of different locations with different plans, medication and types of therapy without noticeable recovery periods of longer than an a year, we were broke financially and emotionally. We didn’t have anything left to give. Thankfully the staff at Brentwood Springs were persistent in educating us on how they were different and shared positive outcomes from their program. It turned out to be exactly what our son needed and what we needed. We feel it was a God thing and will be forever grateful for the recovery of our son. He put in the hard work, faith and dedication and Brentwood Springs gave him the tools and caring, knowledgeable staff to assist him.

    Mother of Alumni Jake S.
  • Brentwood Springs literally saved my life would I couldn’t save myself. Everyone at Brentwood Springs loved me even when I didn’t know how to even love me. They have top notch staff. Nursing staff took extremely good care of me. Honestly, one of the best detox I have ever been through and trust me when I say I have been thru many. When I walked through the front door the first thing I seen was a doggie and being a dog groomer I knew my heart was in the right place!! The Head Tech Cameron, a tech Jake and Sue were absolutely amazing too!!!! Cameron was the absolute best!!! The nursing staff Jessie, Roxanne, Amanda were the absolute best!!! Can’t forget about Scotina either she was great too. Jessie the head nurse, her dog Pugsley was my buddy!!!! He was the best.

  • I was very happy with my week stay at Brentwood Detox. The entire staff was great, happy, positive and encouraging! It definitely exceeded My expectations in every way, even the client’s were great. A special call out to Cameron, Roxanne and Amanda. They definitely went above and beyond. Thanks for everything, I feel more than ready for my next step!

    Lindsay J.
  • The best staff, caring about my comfort. It has a homely atmosphere and I felt no detox withdrawal with there system it was great and I was coming off of strong stuff. I would recommend to anyone.

    Ray M.
  • Great facility, the staff is always there to help if something’s wrong. This place saved my life and they helped put me on a path to succeed in life, be happy and stay sober.

    Jake M.
  • The most caring staff! They go out of their way to help you and keep you comfortable. It’s the best detox experience I’ve ever had! Major love to everyone there during my stay.

    Whitney P.
  • Came to them in a time of need and they came through. A very big shoutout to Jake, Roxann, Scottina and Tyler the nurse Thank you for all your help.

    William S.
  • I had a great experience, staff was great and I felt comfortable the whole time.

    Conner B.
  • Been to several facilities throughout my battle with addiction. Brentwood Springs has been one of the very best experiences I’ve had. Staff is amazing and very understanding and educated and experienced in the areas of addiction most important to helping people. Highly recommended.

    Rusty C.

  • Best place ever. The staff was great. They take really good care of you and it’s laid back.

    Cliff S.
  • This facility provided excellent care and helped out a loved one in a tough time of need. The staff was incredibly helpful and deeply caring. Highly recommend this facility to anyone who is struggling or has a loved one who is struggling.

    Jacob C.
  • Great staff great atmosphere highly recommend over other detox locations in TN

    Alejandro C.

  • After struggling with substance abuse issues for a long time and not knowing where to turn I came across Brentwood Springs Detox. I couldn’t have one complaint about this facility. As the first step in and starting the foundation to my recover process I don’t think there is a better I could have came. I received the highest level of Care and attention from the qualified nurses and Staff techs which made the harrowing difficult detox process as painless and easy as it could be. I would especially like to mention techs Jake and Cameron who went above and beyond the call of duty to not only make me feel comfortable and welcome but to extend a level care and commitment to me that I have never experienced in my prior experiences in treatment. I would like to give this place a 10/5 star review if it were scientifically and mathematically possible, especially staff tech Jake. Sir Craig Clorox CEO Clorox Inc.

    Craig C.
  • This place is something very special. I took a chance at the lowest point I’ve ever been and chose Brentwood Springs to help me. The staff is unbelievable. I didn’t think it was possible to do what these people did for me in 6 days. I was taking 80-100 mg of opioids every day for years. That’s the person that walked into this facility. I never was uncomfortable AT ANY TIME while being cared for and catered to. I’m starting to remember who the guy was that walked out. I can tell you that he is sober and I haven’t had the slightest cravings since I walked out of there. I have a new life. I have my life back and I feel like I can do anything I want to. The confidence I have in myself is not really describable. I want to especially thank Roxanne and Scottina. They are literally angels. Thank You Brentwood Springs!

    Joshua B.
  • Great staff great atmosphere highly recommend over other detox locations in TN

    One of the best detox facilities I have ever been to. All the staff was great. I never wanted for nothing and was always monitored. My favorite nurse, Scottina, went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. I would recommend this facility to any and everyone I know.

    Douglas S.

  • I have been in law enforcement going on 19 years, and over the past several years my drinking has became uncontrollably. I have a great wife and kids that I love to death but it felt that I love drinking more. Brentwood Springs was the best decision I made in my life! They listen, don’t judge, and I personally believe they truly care. I’m looking forward to living a better life and being the best husband and father that I can be!

    Benji B.
  • Brentwood provided such a positive experience for my husband and our family during a very sensitive and emotional time. My husband was treated with great medical care throughout the process and spoken to with dignity and compassion. Our family also felt very heard and listened to. Our case worker was diligent in addressing concerns and helping us navigate follow up care with a treatment facility. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Brentwood to any individual and their families who are seeking quality and compassionate detox care. It is truly the best.

    Wife of Alumni Robert D

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