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We provide drug detox and alcohol detox services designed specifically to help our clients overcome their challenges with drug addiction and alcoholism. We utilize evidence-based treatments, as well as many therapies that have long proven to be effective in treating this disease. Each client who comes to us for care will have their own treatment plan that reflects the structure of one of our services.

Our Services

Holistic Therapy

Traditional addiction rehab focuses mainly on treating the physical health of clients, while holistic detox and therapy focuses on treating the person as a whole.

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Wound Care

Proper wound care is extremely important for those struggling with substance abuse. Substance abuse wounds can lead to very serious health problems and even a higher risk of death when left untreated.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment can help you detox safely with fewer withdrawal symptoms. It can also prevent relapse, allowing you to maintain long-term sobriety.

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Aftercare Services

Aftercare programs can help you to work through difficult thoughts and feelings by addressing their root causes. It also provides you with support once detox is over.

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Residential Rehab

Nashville residential rehab is the most involved, detailed, and structured form of addiction treatment there is. You can expect to work cohesively with a team of addiction and mental health professionals who are dedicated to your recovery.

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