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Holistic Drug Detox in Nashville

Holistic detox treatments help people stop using drugs and alcohol without relying on medical treatment in rehab or during detox. Some of these treatments include yoga and meditation for stress, and acupuncture, for example. Brentwood Springs, located in Nashville, Tennessee offers holistic drug detox, which incorporates natural, drug-free treatments in order to help them overcome their addiction. As well, those near the Franklin and the Murfreesboro areas can find holistic support for addiction.

When used correctly, holistic treatments offer advantages over traditional addiction treatment. Additionally, they give people tools to use in their daily life that help them avoid relapse.

What is Holistic Drug Detox?

Traditional addiction detox focuses mainly on treating the physical effects of drug withdrawal. In contrast, holistic detox, in turn, expands focus to the entire person. This means that it addresses the issues that are affecting them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to encourage healing for their body, mind, and spirit. Additionally, holistic detox is very effective in helping people in addiction treatment experience positive and longer-lasting recoveries.

It also allows individuals to gain a better understanding of their own identity and become more confident in themselves. Holistic drug detox programs in Nashville do this in a few different ways. They focus on all-natural methods for pain and stress relief, boost immunity, teaching ways to build a more balanced lifestyle, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Lastly, this results in an improvement in their physical and mental health as a whole.

Holistic Drug Detox vs Medical Drug Detox

Holistic drug detox and medical detox both have their places in addiction treatment. However, there are differences. Holistic drug detox focuses on natural, drug-free ways to heal a person. It can include nutritional counseling.

People who have spent a lot of time addicted to drugs or alcohol often have poor eating habits. Doctors can help address the damage already done by this. Holistic therapy helps keep any more damage from developing. The person learns how to eat healthy for their unique needs. They learn how to plan nutritional and delicious meals that support their physical health. 

Medical detox helps a person deal with emotional damage done by addiction. A person who stops abusing substances often finds the first days and weeks emotionally taxing. They may experience depression, anxiety, and other mood-related symptoms. Medical detox can include medications that help ease those symptoms. Nevertheless, holistic detox approaches these same symptoms by addressing them both now and in the future.

Medical detox methods are temporary and happen during the initial treatment. Holistic therapy like yoga, massage, and meditation can continue long after detox. Furthermore, many people who have been in recovery for a long time rely on these methods.

Practicing these and other types of holistic therapy regularly can help in two ways. They can ease emotional symptoms that occur during and after detox. They can also help prevent them from developing again. Holistic treatment does not include medication-assisted treatment, unlike medical detox.

How Holistic Treatment Can Help During Rehab

Holistic drug detox programs are complementary addiction treatment options. Oftentimes, they are paired with traditional addiction treatments like behavioral therapy and medication, for instance. As a result, this provides a well-rounded and thorough approach to becoming and staying sober. 

Combining these 2 techniques boosts the effectiveness of drug detox and rehab programs significantly. Additionally, this approach often reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms and reduces reliance on medications. It also lowers the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression a person in detox experiences.

Holistic Drug Detox Treatment Options in Nashville, TN

There are several different types of holistic therapy treatments available during drug detox. First, detox facilities assess a person to determine which treatments are best for each individual.

The most common holistic detox options include:


For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has used acupuncture during healing practices. Millions of people use it consistently for everything from pain management to treatment for depression. This approach works based on the idea that stimulating certain parts of the body helps increase circulation and encourages the natural healing processes. Additionally, acupuncture is a holistic therapy in addiction detox to heal addiction-related pain, reduce tension, and relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression.


Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses scent to help reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. It usually involves having essential oils, such as lavender, or peppermint for example. Additionally, someone can diffuse the scent into the air or mix it into massage oil during massage therapy. Thus, this is one of the easiest holistic detox therapies to incorporate into one’s daily life, both in and out of treatment.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not just for people enjoying a day at the spa. In fact, anyone can appreciate its benefits. This type of therapy is one of the most common holistic treatment options. It works by encouraging the body to relax and is highly customizable to an individual’s specific needs. It allows them to choose the pressure level that works for them as well as focus on whatever part of the body carries the most stress.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a gentle type of massage therapy that focuses on treating the lymphatic system, which is a key part of the immune system. Addiction typically has a very negative impact on the immune system. Fortunately, a lymphatic massage can help heal the damage. It helps to flush toxins that have built up in the lymph nodes and relaxes tense muscles.


Meditation can help during the entire addiction recovery process and after leaving treatment. This practice helps a person to relax, clear their mind, and ignore negative outside influences. Meditation teaches people to focus on their bodies and other things not related to substance use. Mastering the art of meditation aids in dealing with triggers to drink or use drugs, which helps people avoid relapses. It changes how they perceive and deal with stress, discomfort, and anxiety.


One of the most common and important parts of holistic drug detox is learning proper nutrition. Many people who have experienced addiction long-term end up with nutritional deficiencies from poor diets. Holistic drug detox programs in Nashville, Tennessee focus on providing nutritious, wholesome meals that address nutritional needs. This helps the body to heal itself by making sure it has everything it needs to promote cell growth and stay healthy long into the future.


Yoga enjoys a great deal of popularity, but many do not know that it can assist in the detox process. Furthermore, yoga is an effective relaxation technique that helps improve sleep, relieve pain, and increase energy. People in recovery from addiction often find that yoga helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. It also provides a healthy outlet to cope with the daily stressors of life, which in turn lessens the probability of relapse.

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