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Rehabs In Tennessee: Resource Guide

Tennessee is a state with a rich cultural history and dynamic cities, but it also has an unfortunate side—the struggles of addiction. From alcohol to opioids, substance abuse affects many people in Tennessee, leading to devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities. Fortunately, there are resources available to those struggling with addiction that can help them get back on their feet. Drug and alcohol rehabs in Tennessee offer comprehensive treatment programs designed to address underlying mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that may be driving addictive behavior. 

Additionally, there are support groups available for those who need help coping with their sobriety journey or just want someone to talk to about their experiences. With these resources at hand, Tennesseans have access to the tools they need for a successful recovery from addiction. At Brentwood Springs Detox, we have a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide a safe and comfortable experience for individuals as they embark on their road to recovery.

Substance Abuse in Tennessee

Tennessee has a serious problem with drug abuse and addiction, with figures showing that the opioid epidemic is one of the key drivers behind this rate. In fact, they continue to rank among the highest states for substance abuse and overdoses. The Tennessee Department of Health reports there were an alarming 3,814 overdose deaths in 2021. 

According to the US Census Bureau, 13.6% of Tennessee’s population lives below the poverty level, 6.25% higher than the national average. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reports that 80% of crimes are drug-related yearly. Furthermore, 25% of all employers in the state report difficulty finding candidates who are not already dependent on opioids or other substances.

To combat these issues, Tennessee is taking several initiatives to tackle its drug crisis. This includes legislation requiring medical professionals to become certified before prescribing opioids. Also, public awareness campaigns have been implemented, which help educate people on identifying signs of substance abuse and available resources for treatment and support.

Additionally, expanding access to treatment services such as more rehabs in Tennessee for drug and alcohol addiction. Rehabs in Tennessee have dedicated teams of professionals who specialize in treating various types of addiction, providing individuals with personalized care tailored to their specific needs 

Ultimately, there is still much work left to be done. Tennessee’s rehabilitation centers are helping individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to get back on their feet. It’s also important we continue raising awareness about the risks associated with substance misuse so we can prevent thousands more from falling victim to this crisis every year.

Tennessee’s Response to Substance Abuse

The drug crisis in Tennessee is quickly becoming a significant threat to the health and safety of citizens, with increasing rates of drug abuse, addiction, and overdoses. The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS) is leading the charge in creating an effective response system to reduce substance abuse.

To achieve this goal, TDMHSAS has implemented several prevention strategies including:

  • Limiting controlled substance dispensing within the state
  • Increasing drug disposal outlets and drug take-back events
  • Controlled substance monitoring database
  • Collaboration with federal, state, and local governments
  • Increase access to early intervention and treatment services
  • Recovery support and aftercare services following addiction treatment

These initiatives have been supplemented by collaborative efforts between state departments, local agencies, and other states. This includes improved coordination between agencies such as the Departments of Health, Safety, Homeland Security, Corrections, Children’s Services, TennCare, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to better combat substance abuse in Tennessee. 

To help alleviate the consequences of substance abuse on individuals and families across Tennessee, TDMHSAS is making continuous efforts with partners at all levels. These allies range from law enforcement officers and healthcare providers to non-profits and faith-based organizations. As a result, with collaboration among state agencies and rehabs in Tennessee, we can make a real difference in reducing substance abuse and overdose deaths.

State Substance Abuse Services

Tennessee REDLINE

The Tennessee REDLINE has been a valuable resource for individuals struggling with substance use disorder and their families since 1989. As a referral service provided by TAADAS through TDMHSAS, the REDLINE offers a variety of ways to get help. One convenient feature is the option to receive referrals and information via text message. This allows individuals to interact with staff at their own pace and can be a more comfortable method for those who may be hesitant to engage in a phone call. Further, all conversations and referrals are kept completely confidential. 

Substance Abuse Block Grant

The Federal Government Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant offers comprehensive prevention, treatment, and recovery assistance to individuals who are vulnerable to or suffering from substance abuse. TDMHSAS is fully committed to utilizing this grant to render the best possible support services and activities to those in need who qualify and also meet 138% of federal poverty guidelines.

Substance Use Best Practice Tool Guide

This comprehensive guide is based on evidence-based practices and is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of substance use. Additionally, it promotes the use of best practices for individuals with substance use disorders and encourages innovation and improved practice in the field. The tool guide has been reviewed by a diverse group of stakeholders from across the state to ensure that it is comprehensive, effective, and accurate.

Recovery Support Services

On the path to recovery, individuals often need support to regain their health, secure stable housing, find employment, build a network of supportive friends and family members, and eventually regain their independence. Tennessee residents eighteen and older with a substance use disorder or co-occurring disorder may be eligible for services based on a formal screening and assessment. They must also meet the 138% federal poverty guidelines.

State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

The State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) is an initiative that is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SEOW works with states and local communities to collect data from a variety of sources. This data is then analyzed and used to identify populations that are at high risk for substance abuse and to detect emerging trends in the public health landscape. This data is essential to develop effective and targeted interventions for individuals and communities.

Tennessee Recovery Navigators

The Tennessee Recovery Navigators are individuals with personal experience in long-term recovery from substance abuse. They provide compassionate, one-on-one support to patients who have recently overdosed and been admitted to the emergency department. The TN Recovery Navigators have built strong relationships with community partners, allowing them to quickly connect patients to appropriate care such as detox programs and other rehabs in Tennessee. They also provide access to resources such as housing, employment assistance, and legal support services.

TIES: Therapeutic Intervention, Education, and Skills

The Therapeutic Intervention, Education, and Skills (TIES) program is an initiative that seeks to improve the well-being of children from birth up to age 18 in situations where their parents/caregivers are involved with substance use. It is a collaborative effort between DMHSAS, DHS, and the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) that works to divert children from out-of-home placement (OOHP). The TIES program offers services to eligible families in Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lincoln, Marshall, and Maury counties.

Substance Abuse Screenings in Tennessee (SBIRT-TN)

SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) is an evidence-based approach used in primary care settings for the early identification of substance misuse. The patient-centered initiative utilizes a comprehensive screening and assessment process to identify individuals at risk from substance use disorders. It involves asking all patients about their substance use, providing brief interventions if needed, and offering referrals to treatment. For example, A doctor might refer a patient to a Tennessee rehabilitation center for addiction treatment.

Lifeline Peer Project

The Lifeline Peer Project is a valuable resource created to help reduce the stigma associated with addiction. They also provide greater access to helpful substance abuse support such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Lifeline Representatives are positioned in both urban and rural areas throughout the state, with 10 coordinators dedicated to each region. These individuals act as connectors between those afflicted by addiction and available treatment programs. They also provide counsel to those in recovery and advise them on continuing their progress.

Find Support Groups and Meetings in Tennessee

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Tennessee

Detoxification is a challenging process that can have long-lasting physical and psychological consequences if not properly managed. For this reason, it is important for individuals in Tennessee who are seeking treatment to find a team of professionals who can provide comprehensive care throughout the entire detox process. With dedicated support tailored to each individual’s needs and evidence-based treatments, Brentwood Springs Detox offers a safe and effective foundation for recovering from addiction.

At Brentwood Springs Detox, we offer the following services: 

  • Holistic Detox: An alternative to traditional addiction treatments. Holistic detox uses natural methods such as yoga and meditation to relieve stress to help people break free from addiction. Holistic therapy gives clients the tools to prevent relapse. And improving their overall physical and mental health. This approach has proven highly successful for many clients.
  • Wound care: We specialize in treating wounds caused by substance abuse. Unfortunately, drug or alcohol addiction increases the risk of developing skin and flesh wounds. Our staff of caring professionals is specially trained in treating wounds associated with substance abuse. Also, any potential side effects or complications they may cause. 
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT):  MAT combines counseling, behavioral support, and medications designed to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This is typically essential for people trying to overcome opioid or alcohol dependencies. The FDA-approved medications used at Brentwood Springs Detox include Buprenorphine, Methadone, Naltrexone, and Acamprosate. MAT has been proven highly effective at reducing relapse rates among those in recovery. 
  • Aftercare services: Aftercare ensures that individuals don’t lose momentum once they complete their initial treatment plan with us. We provide guidance and support so clients feel confident they can live free from substance abuse when they leave us.

Start the Recovery Journey With Brentwood Springs Detox

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, Brentwood Springs Detox can help you start your journey to recovery. Our compassionate team of medical professionals provides the care, support, and guidance necessary for a successful detoxification process.

We offer 24/7 monitoring, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), therapy services, and more in our comfortable facility. And because we understand that everyone is different, we customize each patient’s plan to best meet their individual needs. Take the first step towards a healthier life by starting your recovery journey with Brentwood Springs Detox. 

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    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.