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The Role of Serotonin in Addiction and Withdrawal

The impacts of serotonin in addiction and withdrawal can be pretty intense. Serotonin plays a role in different bodily functions such as sleep and digestion. When someone is lacking this vital component of daily function, it can potentially cause disruption to their day to day life. The production of serotonin can affect a person’s ability to make sound and healthy decisions in their life. Also, when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the production of this chemical in the brain is altered, and can lead to some unsavory results for the person using. Understanding the full impacts of this can help you to change your life.

What is Serotonin?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a role in the functionality of bodily systems such as digestion and healing wounds. It also plays a key role in mood, sleep, nausea, and bone health. Hence, serotonin is a crucial part of day to day functionality. It is known as the “happy chemical” because serotonin imbalances lead to changes in mood. When serotonin is lacking, this can lead to many different impacts to your life. The effects of not producing enough serotonin in addiction and withdrawal can have lasting consequences. 

Disruptions to Serotonin Production

While there can be some natural disruptions to production of serotonin, there are also many substances that can play a role in interfering with the production of this chemical in the brain that is responsible for many of life’s daily functions. Some of those substances are:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines

Prolonged use and abuse of these serotonin disruptors can lead to addiction, and this can have devastating results on the production of this necessary chemical. When a person becomes addicted to any substance, ending its use can be a difficult undertaking. This is part of the role played by serotonin in addiction and withdrawal. 

Serotonin and Addiction

As previously stated, when someone abuses the listed disruptors to the production of serotonin, it can impact the production of this necessary chemical. When a person becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and begins the process of detox, the brain can be accustomed to the production of a certain level of serotonin that drugs and alcohol cause. When you remove these substances, the brain is essentially shocked and thrown into crisis mode. This is a part of the withdrawal process that makes it difficult for many addicts and alcoholics to stay the course and get clean and sober.

For this reason, it is highly suggested that if you struggle with drugs and alcohol, you seek professional help as you go through the detoxification process. Not only is it hard physically, the effects of detox on mental health can also be a difficult task. Having medical staff on hand can be highly beneficial during the detox process. Being able to address mental health concerns can help you to reach your goal of ending the drugs and alcohol abuse. 

Once the addiction has been addressed, the effects of serotonin in addiction and withdrawal can go back to normal. Production levels can return to normal and acceptable levels, and you can begin to live a happier and healthier lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol.

Naturally Producing and Releasing Serotonin

There are many ways to naturally improve the production of this chemical. The role of serotonin in addiction and withdrawal can be reversed by improving the chemical’s production. The best way to do this is by exercise. When you exercise, your body releases a similar chemical in the body known as endorphins. These chemicals can assist in boosting your mood and feelings of happiness. You’ve probably heard how exercise helps when someone feels irritated or frustrated, and this is how it helps. These endorphins can help you as your serotonin levels begin to regulate and go back to normal.

Another way to naturally boost your serotonin production is, as strange as it sounds, being in nature. The impact of nature can be beneficial as you try to reverse the effects of serotonin in addiction and withdrawal. 

Help Treating Addiction in Nashville, TN

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