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Risks of At-Home Detox

The risks of at-home detox can lead to fatal results. Having the proper care and support while going through this process is vital. It helps maintain recovery but also to helps someone be able to go through this process with minimal impact. The negative impacts on someone’s life that can occur as a result of at-home detox can make recovery harder. Having a smooth and safe process, in the beginning, can make maintaining recovery easier. 

What is At-Home Detox?

Withdrawal is a process that someone goes through when their body has become dependent on substances. These include alcohol or other prescription and illicit drugs. When the body has developed a dependence, and then the person abruptly stops using the substances. But there are some uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms that may occur.

At-home detox is when someone makes the decision to undergo withdrawal at home. They have no medical supervision or support from people who can help to make this process safer and smoother. The risks of at-home detox while going through withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and data. Some of these symptoms can have severe impacts on health and overall wellness. 

Is Detox At Home Safe?

The answer to this question is no, it is not a safe process to go through alone and at home. When an individual attempts to go through withdrawal at home, they run the risk of some severe and lifelong effects. The risks of at-home detox far outweigh the risks they may be taking by being professionally medically and psychologically monitored.

One of the benefits of professional detox is having medical supervision. Withdrawal symptoms can be monitored and managed within these professional settings, making the process easier. It allows for the person to have a higher chance of successfully maintaining recovery through support. They also gain tools and new ways to manage symptoms throughout the process. 

Relapse and Fatal Risk

The risks of at-home detox include overdose. In 2021, the number of fatal overdoses in the United States was over 100,000 according to the National Institute on Drug Addiction. When someone stops using drugs for any amount of time, and restarts them, they often use the same amount.

When the drugs are stopped, the body’s level of tolerance lowers and going back to the same amount can lead to fatal results. Other risks of at-home detox include high blood pressure, seizure, and heart rate changes. This can occur whether detoxing from alcohol or other drugs. Professional monitoring and support going through this process can help to ensure that it is done safely and effectively.

Running the risks of at-home detox is a dangerous undertaking. Ensuring someone is safe and has proper care and support while ridding the body of the toxins drugs and alcohol add to it is the best option when undergoing the detox process. Withdrawal symptoms when using the cold turkey method can be dangerous, long-lasting, and fatal. When an individual tries to go cold turkey, the risks of at-home detox are heightened and it can lead to fatal results.

Cold Turkey Withdrawal Symptoms

What is the cold turkey method and what makes it dangerous? Well, the symptoms of alcohol and drug detox can affect the body negatively, and undergoing the process alone, without symptom management can be difficult for an individual to do alone. Drugs like opioid can affect brain chemistry and opioid detox can be extremely difficult to go through alone.

Alcohol detox can have fatal results. The way that alcohol withdrawal symptoms affect the body can lead to dangerous changes in blood pressure and heart rate, someone could potentially have seizures as well as other severe health issues. The best option when ending drug and alcohol abuse is to be monitored and supported professionally. This can prevent these impacts on an individual’s health and wellness. 

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) can occur after the general length of detox has ended. These symptoms can last for weeks or even months after physical detox has been completed. Symptoms of PAWS can include difficulty retaining new information, irritability, anxiety or panic attacks. Other ones include depression, obsessive behaviors, changes in sleep patterns as well as cravings. Cravings are one of the main contributors to a person relapsing.

When relapse happens, this can start the cycle of substance abuse all over again, running the risk of losing jobs, family, friends, or potentially an individual’s life. Ending alcohol and drug abuse safely while having support and proper care and professional monitoring can make the goal of attaining and maintaining recovery achievable. 

Safely Detox With Support

Detoxing at home is dangerous. Without the proper care and support it can lead to fatal results. There are options for those that are struggling. If you or a loved one are struggling and trying to break free of addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol, there is help available. There is no need to go through it alone and suffer. We strive to provide a safe and healing environment where people can begin the healing process, while comfortably going through the detox process in order to set a solid foundation.

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