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Mixing Ativan and Alcohol: Risks, Signs, and Detox

Many who find themselves struggling are unaware of the true risks and dangers of Ativan and alcohol. They don’t know the true impacts of these substances or the risks involved with mixing them.

While Ativan has true medical uses, it is a powerful and dangerous substance if it is misused. Knowing the full scope of the risks and dangers can make an impact when getting proper care to overcome the struggle with these substances.

Ativan Uses

Ativan is a potent benzodiazepine medication used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, insomnia, and seizures. It works by increasing GABA effectiveness in the brain, which results in a calming, relaxing effect. Despite the medical uses and effectiveness, Ativan use carries a risk of dependence and potential withdrawal symptoms with prolonged use.

Due to this risk, Ativan is prescribed moderately for short-term use to prevent abuse and limit the risks of injury due to extreme drowsiness and impaired coordination and cognitive abilities.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is something that many people across the country struggle with daily. It is a pattern of excessive drinking leading to negative consequences. The impacts of these consequences can affect physical and mental health, as well as relationships and social life.

Alcohol abuse is characterized by consuming higher than recommended amounts of alcohol resulting in impaired judgment, risky behaviors, and health impacts. Signs of alcohol abuse can include but are not limited to the inability to control drinking, prioritizing drinking, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to drink.

The Effects of Mixing These Substances

The effects of mixing Ativan and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. Both substances are CNS depressants. This means when these substances are mixed, the impacts on the central nervous system can be exacerbated. When mixed with alcohol, Ativan’s effects can be amplified, leading to severely impaired judgment and motor skills, slurred speech, impaired cognition, and extreme drowsiness.

Similarly, intoxication caused by alcohol can be heightened due to mixing Ativan while drinking. The CNS is responsible for vital functions within the body such as breathing, cognitive function, and motor movements. When the CNS is impaired due to these substances, it can lead to unconsciousness, coma, and even death.

Short-Term Effects

Short-term effects of mixing these substances can include extreme drowsiness, confusion, dizziness, and lack of coordination. When Ativan and alcohol are mixed, these symptoms can be amplified, leading to unconsciousness or, potentially, more severe effects.

Severe memory impairment, slowed reflexes and motor movements, as well as difficulty concentrating can also be effects of mixing these substances.

Long-Term Effects

Long term, the effects of mixing these substances can be far more dangerous. The impacts to health and wellness can be severe and include damage to vital organs like the kidneys and liver. Other effects can include respiratory issues, long-term memory and cognitive issues, as well as mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

With long-term use of these substances, the individual also runs the risk of dependence and addiction to these substances, resulting in severe withdrawal when they don’t introduce them to the system.

Signs of Ativan Abuse

Some signs may be indicative of Ativan abuse, some more obvious than others, but all of them should be addressed to avoid major impact and complications. Some signs to look out for can include taking more than prescribed, extreme drowsiness at inappropriate times, seeing multiple doctors to receive different prescriptions for Ativan, hiding the usage, confusion and impaired coordination.

Another sign can be mixing Ativan and alcohol. These 2 substances should not be used together, as it can be dangerous and lead to severe complications. As time progresses, the individual may exhibit withdrawal symptoms when not taking the medication.

Ativan Withdrawal

Benzodiazepines like Ativan are extremely potent and can lead to withdrawal with prolonged use. Withdrawal should be monitored by medical professionals as dangerous symptoms may occur. Some of the symptoms of Ativan withdrawal can include muscle aches and cramps, confusion, nausea, vomiting, and tremors.

More severe symptoms can include hallucinations, seizures, and delirium. Mixing Ativan and alcohol can only complicate these symptoms further.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal, like Ativan withdrawal, should be medically monitored. This is to prevent severe and dangerous impacts to health and wellness. Some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include anxiety, depression, muscle aches and weakness, tremors, nausea and vomiting.

More dangerous and severe symptoms can include delirium tremens, seizures, and hallucinations. Seeking professional help to overcome this substance is vital to ensuring safety.


Those struggling with Ativan and alcohol should consider seeking professional help in order to ensure safety through the detox process. Professional medical detox is crucial when trying to stop using these substances. Safety is the main priority, and the effects of these substances can result in severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

In a professional medical detox setting, individuals can address their withdrawal symptoms and avoid severe impacts and complications as a result of withdrawal.

Help is Available

Ativan is a powerful substance all on its own, but when alcohol is mixed, it can enhance the dangers leading to devastating results. The impacts both substances can have on an individual’s life can be severe, and potentially fatal. Having the right medical care to overcome struggles with these substances is crucial.

If you or a loved one have found yourself struggling, there is help available. At Brentwood Springs we offer professional medical detox to begin a journey of healing and recovery that is tailored to the individual’s needs. Our team of professional staff is available to help guide you through this major life change.

Call us now to begin your life-saving journey.

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