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MAT For Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a devastating disorder. But it is also a treatable condition. When people get proper care, they can achieve improved health and long-term recovery. Unfortunately, intense cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms keep many people trapped in the downward spiral of active alcoholism. For these people, MAT for alcohol addiction may be the answer.

What is MAT?

MAT stands for medication-assisted treatment. MAT is a time-tested, research-supported approach to addiction treatment. It is most commonly used to treat people who are addicted to alcohol and opioids.

The two main components of MAT are prescription medication and therapy. 

The medications that are used in MAT can help people end their substance use. For example, some prescription medications ease cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Other medications can block the effects of addictive substances or trigger distressing symptoms when a person uses an addictive drug.

The therapeutic part of MAT helps people address the behavioral and social aspects of addiction and recovery. During therapy, people can learn to identify the triggers that could push them back into substance use. They can also develop more effective stress management and conflict resolution skills. These capabilities can help them deal with difficult situations without resorting to substance abuse.

How Does MAT Work For Alcohol Addiction?

MAT for alcohol addiction can help people stop drinking without experiencing the excruciating pain of withdrawal. In addition, this service can also help people build a foundation for successful, long-term recovery.

If a person struggling with alcohol abuse tries to quit drinking on their own, they may develop several painful physical and psychological symptoms. This is known as alcohol withdrawal

Depending on how long someone has been addicted to alcohol, trying to stop drinking without professional help can jeopardize their health. In some extreme cases, alcohol withdrawal can even be fatal. 

Here are some potential alcohol withdrawal symptoms:

  • Heavy perspiration
  • Racing heart rate
  • Tics or tremors
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Powerful cravings for alcohol
  • Seizure

As noted in the previous section, some prescription medications can ease certain symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Other medications can help people resist the urge to use alcohol once they’ve completed withdrawal.

Benefits Of MAT For Alcohol Addiction

Here are a few of the many potential benefits of MAT for alcohol addiction:

  • Symptom relief: The medications that used in MAT for alcohol addiction can make it much easier to stop drinking. Medication can ease the pain of withdrawal and alleviate cravings that may otherwise push a person back into active alcohol abuse.
  • Behavioral changes: The therapy sessions that are part of MAT for alcohol addiction can promote a variety of beneficial behavioral changes. For example, it is virtually impossible to avoid situations where alcohol is being used or promoted. Therapy can prepare people to protect their recovery while living in a society where alcohol use is so common.
  • Supportive relationships: When a person is receiving MAT for alcohol addiction, they can discover the power of sharing support with others who are working toward a similar goal. Active participation in the recovery community can be a valuable tool in the effort to achieve lifelong sobriety.
  • Dedicated professionals: Throughout a person’s time in an MAT program for alcohol addiction, they may have the chance to collaborate with experienced addiction professionals. Early recovery can be a challenging time in a person’s life. Having the guidance and support of experts can help people overcome obstacles that might otherwise derail their efforts to adopt an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Treatment centers that offer MAT for alcohol addiction can also provide detailed aftercare planning. This ensures that patients or clients are connected with the support services that can help them remain in recovery after they’ve transitioned out of treatment.

Is MAT Right For Your Alcohol Addiction?

If you need alcohol addiction treatment, it’s important to find the provider whose services align with your needs and goals. 

Completing a thorough assessment is an important part of the effort to identify what type of care you should receive. If you have a family doctor, or if you’ve been seeing a therapist or counselor, consulting with one of these professionals is a good place to start. However, if you’re not already under the care of a healthcare provider, you may want to contact any treatment center that you have been considering.

The representatives of reputable treatment centers should have no problem answering your questions. When you call or email Brentwood Springs Detox, a member of our team will be happy to help you determine if MAT for alcohol addiction is right for you.

Begin MAT For Alcohol Addiction in Nashville, TN

Brentwood Springs Detox is a trusted provider of MAT for alcohol addiction in Nashville, Tennessee. With our help, you can stop abusing alcohol and start living a healthier and more hopeful life. Visit our admissions page or contact us directly to learn more about our programs and services.

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