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The Consequences of Alcohol Abuse on the Family

The consequences of alcohol abuse on family members of the alcoholic can be hard to endure. Having to watch their loved one spiral out of control, and potentially harm themselves while not being able to stop them from doing the detrimental things to themselves can take a toll on anyone who goes through it. It can cause the strongest of bonds in the family to become broken, and the trust between the individuals to be damaged. It can be a vicious and heartbreaking cycle. Alcoholism affects the loved ones and family around the person struggling, not just the alcoholic themselves.

Understanding that and knowing the different consequences on both the individual and the family can help to provide some understanding and insight into the world the person who struggles with alcohol is living in. 

Consequences on Alcohol Abuse on the Individual

The alcoholic will endure different life effects as they struggle with the substance, and this both including and outside of the consequences of alcohol abuse on the family. Some of those consequences can be direct and immediate while others are long-term, both on health and in society.

Immediate and Direct Consequences

Someone who struggles with alcohol can suffer from some health conditions such as changes in heart rate, alcohol poisoning, and overdose. These consequences to someone’s health can potentially be fatal. 

Indirect Consequences

Those who suffer from alcoholism can engage in risky and reckless behaviors. Driving under the influence of alcohol leads to an insurmountable number of accidents and some of those fatal each year. Without the influence of the alcohol clouding their judgment, they may not have caused damage to their life, or the other persons involved in the accident.

Long-Term Health Consequences

Long-term use of alcohol can lead to some irreversible damage to organs and other health conditions. Using alcohol for prolonged periods of time can lead to liver disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. Also, using alcohol while pregnant can cause long-lasting and life-altering effects to an unborn baby. 

Long-Term Societal Consequences

Alcohol abuse can cause decreases in productivity, loss of jobs, family relationships, and lead to legal consequences that could potentially cause a struggle when trying to improve your life in the future.

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse on the Family

On the other hand, the consequences of alcohol on the family of the alcoholic can be just as detrimental. Not only do they watch their loved one struggle on a daily basis, but sometimes the family may feel as though their loved one doesn’t seem to care how it is affecting them. It can also cause turmoil within the family unit that can be extremely difficult to overcome. When someone struggles with alcoholism that has led to health problems, it is extremely taxing on the family to watch their loved one’s health decline as they continue to abuse alcohol. 

Alcohol abuse could potentially lead to the family being completely destroyed. Some of the consequences of alcohol abuse on family include lack of emotional bonding, and when one person in a relationship struggles with alcohol it can lead to arguments and disagreements more often. Having one person who is struggling and under the influence while the other is emotional having to deal with the alcoholic’s suffering can be an extremely difficult thing to experience. This can lead to break up of a family unit, with children caught in the middle. 

There is also the potential for verbal and physical abuse within the family. Alcohol can cause a completely rational and loving person to become someone to fear. The consequences of alcohol abuse on a family can include verbal and physical assaults. Being yelled at, insulted, manipulated, or humiliated are all forms of emotional and verbal abuse.

When it comes to physically harming someone, this is a serious issue that can lead to serious injury or emotional damage. Alcohol has the ability to lower self control, and make emotional responses more intense. A person who would never physically or even verbally assault or berate someone could potentially end up causing some severe damage.

To reverse both the short-term and long-term symptoms of alcohol abuse on the family, the addict should seek a comprehensive, medically supervised detox program.

Treatment for Alcoholism in Nashville, TN

Alcoholism is a family disease. It doesn’t just affect the person who suffers from dependence on alcohol. Those around them, those who love them the most, the family, generally suffers right alongside the alcoholic. It can be extremely taxing to watch your loved one continue to suffer when there is help available. That’s the thing, there is help for you. If you or a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction, you can get better. There is hope, and there is help.

At Brentwood Springs, we strive to provide the best care to those who seek help. In this way, they not only get their life back under control, they regain the family relationships broken by their addiction. Contact us today and begin your journey of healing.

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24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.